• Water Savings
    Water Savings

    Water is a precious commodity and the intelligent use of this resource has become a duty for all of us. Hand showers and shower heads that use Water-Saving technology avoid water waste by reducing water consumption thanks to a fl ow limiter, special nozzles, and the addition of air, maintaining however a full-bodied jet. A bonus for body and budget.

  • Easy Clean
    Easy Clean

    Easy cleaning of limescale. Easy Clean technology allows you to swiftly remove debris and deposits of limescale from the showers and shower heads thanks to fl exible silicone jets. By simply activating the nozzles by hand it facilitates the elimination of limescale giving you a permanently clean shower.

  • Air System
    Air System

    With this shower technology water is mixed with air and a tingling spray is created as the water is enriched with heavy and light air droplets. By mixing air and water this air-system technology allows you to create a more exciting and enjoyable jet. The water fl ow is accelerated due to the narrow channels of the shower, that by creating a negative pressure causes air suction from the outside. The combination of air and water produces a soft and light fl ow, reminiscent of the natural eff ect of rain.

  • Cromoterapia
    Color Therapy

    The benefi cial psychological and physical eff ects of color are proven. Color therapy helps to restore one’s natural balance. A must in any SPA which has now become available to everyone. The XENON series is a new line of shower heads and hand showers with RGB led lights with a colortherapy effect, a series of leds integrated in the shower nozzles, which turns the shower into a vehicle of light and color.

  • Decreto Ministeriale 174
    Ministerial Decree 174

    The Ministerial Decree 174 (DM 174/04 of 06/04/2004 ) defi nes the conditions to be met by the materials and articles used in stationary collection and the treatment, supply and distribution of water intended for human consumption, referred to in Legislative Decree 31/2011. Which includes the basic provisions for the health and safety of everyone. Damast products have obtained the certifi cates of conformity required by the DM 174 and the Ministerial Decree 21/3/1973, another area of jurisdiction that includes the specifi cations for materials that come into contact with food. Damast has achieved these results by specifi c and global migration testing on showers, shower heads and fl exible hoses.

  • Easy Install
    Easy Install

    Quick and easy installation The easy solution for installation without the use of tools and technical knowledge. Due to the universality of the attachments it makes the assembly of modern and functional products, such as hand showers, shower heads and hoses a breeze.

  • Senza corrente
    No Electricity

    The Xenon series does not require an electrical connection.


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