Art Lab by Damast

Art Block

Art Block by Damast

Art Lab is a creative laboratory for the disclosure and sharing of contemporary arts. The first project is "Art blocks", note pads distributed by the company as gift to itssales network and more ...

"Verba volant, scripta manent"

Dmovie by Damast - "Duck"

Dmovie was born as a game for exploring the potential use of Lettering.

In "Duck" the product is interpreted according to its various features - organizer for the shower, objects holder or complementary furniture for small rooms - and the entertainment aspect enhances its peculiarity of rotation: H or I, esulting in complementary furniture that were missing, and now I have...

Made with time-lapse technique, it was born from free visual interpretation of the Lettering series and its versatility of use in time and space. Lettering is young, colorful and dynamic.

Realized by photographer Susy Mezzanotte.


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